On October 30th, 2014, Clayton Schaefer arrived on planet Earth, or more specifically, the city of Munich in Bavaria. Clayton was born to an American mother and a German father, both of whom I call friends. Clayton's name was shrouded in secrecy; I pushed long and hard for Wolfgang but Axel was sternly against any true German names. 

As a welcome present for the kinder's arrival I walked 'Clayton St.', with my wife and our dog, in San Francisco and memorialized his name. The signs, intersections and even the paws of our dog, along with pebbles, minutia, telephone lines and city scape all played a hand in framing his name. The entire time we walked I kept thinking of the The Book of Dede Korkut, tales from a 9th century nomadic Turkish tribe in Central Asia, where Grandfather Korkut names things into creation. Although I'm no where near being a grandfather, the act of photography, of recording, is an act of creation. The moment that might've passed unseen can be explored, scrutinized, memorialized, and at times, given a life beyond the actual moment. 

Clayton, citizen of the world, welcome to the world you create.