Len Shneyder

Len's a product of accident, fate, gumption and curiosity. By way of fate he was born without the ability to draw. Frustrating as that may be he took to writing as a kind of mental compensation. For many years writing was Len's main creative output thanks to an MA/MFA in creative writing and poetry.  Eventually writing and poetry ceased to be a sufficient medium for creative output, or an adequate means for recording the scenes around himgoing further down the photography rabbit hole was the only option. 

Today Len splits his time between photos, writing, his decade long work in email and marketing, a dog, a wife, his kitchen and what he produces there and occasionally an old set of turn tables and a large wall of vinyl records.

Len started his photography work using an old Nikon FM, lots of Fuji Velvia slide film and a number of really talented mentors. Travel, the documentation of places and events eventually expanded into portraiture and weddings. Landscapes and cityscapes evolved into ceremonies and a cerebral documentation of life.

Scene & Record grew out of a constantly expanding body of work, a desire to capture, celebrate, memorialize and examine the scene and story in a frameone that might've never been seen or heard if it hadn't been first recorded. 


Len Shneyder

           Photo by Tara Arrowood